Sunday, April 25, 2010

March/April '10 Happenings...

Been a very busy month. I’d like to say it was packed with non-stop outdoor fun, but most of it was working long hours and getting exhausted teaching over and over. But there were a few good highlights to my days since last blogging.

Alison and I got out to SLC to visit team Paasch after not being to UT since last June-way too long to stay away from such a great place with such great friends. Alison and I hadn’t skied (alpine) at all in the ‘09/’10 season, so we took advantage of a program Park City has with the airlines to get a couple free lift tickets at the Canyons (fly in the same day you ski and it’s free.) We kept busy tearing up the green and blue runs (remember we’re from the Midwest and ski maybe once a year J ), and enjoying the mid-fifty degree temps. That evening we enjoyed dinner at the Wasatch Brew Pub in Park City, where I tried one of the most interesting brews I have in a while- JalapeƱo Cream Ale. Very tasty. I’d highly recommend it, even though the name probably doesn’t conjure up a very classic taste.

Sunday we went to church with Kelly and Julie, ate a great home cooked meal at their place (thanks again!), and headed up to Little Cottonwood Canyon for some climbing. Kelly took us up the Coffin Crack, and the Viewing, with the Closed Casket Variation. All a great time, although I felt a bit soft that day and had to work pretty hard. I managed also to bring along three right shoes (instead of two complete pairs), and ended up climbing with no rubber on, or holes in the toes of my shoes. (Not so good on slab.) But it was great fun nonetheless.

Another highlight to the month was a visit home to see my family in the Minot, ND area. It had also been a while since Alison and I had been there. We had the chance to get up to Mohall, ND as well to see my grandma Ruby, who has Alzheimer’s. It’s always a bit hard to see her in her in that condition, but aside from Alzheimer’s she is healthy and seems to be in pretty decent spirits. We intended to also visit my grandpa Glen, but he was out in D.C. on an Honor Flight for WWII veterans. We look forward to seeing him next time we’re in ND.

Most recently, we took part in a great wedding weekend for our good friends Edward and Teresa Doerr. Thursday was a rehearsal and dinner, and we got to know many family members on both sides. Friday was a sort of bachelor party marathon, with climbing at Vertical Endeavors in STP, mountain biking in Lebanon Hills, and visiting pubs in the evening. Saturday was the wedding and reception. The wedding was held at Ft. Snelling Historical Chapel, and the reception at a hanger on South St. Paul Flemming Field, with a B-25 right in the middle of the action. Very original to say the least, and very fitting for Edward. I have to say my favorite part of the whole weekend was the atmosphere of hanging out with a large quantity of good people. It felt a bit like college again, before everyone got spread out through the country. Lots of fun. I hope to see everyone again soon. Congratulations to Edward and Teresa!