Monday, May 16, 2005

General Update

Laziness has obviously taken over me concerning this website. Whoops. The past couple of weeks have been quite full of activity however. Mostly work. Some action. I will have to say that it's nice that the public school year is winding down though. I rather enjoy the summer in it's middle-school kid free-ness. I got hit with a dodgeball upon stepping out of my bus the other day. Kids wouldn't be so bad if you could retaliate. :) Lawyers. :( Not that I would have done anything bad, but a return dodgeball to the head would do wonders in teaching who's boss. :)
Anyway, the summer flight schedule got underway today, and I'm bumbling my way through teaching three new courses. Should be crazy, but I'm happy to get some new experience and get away from teaching brand new student pilots to land. Uggh. I think my back has reached it's stress limits, and I will be happy with my new semi-compentant students.
In other news, outdoor climbing was supposed to have happened this past weekend, but rain showed up and washed that away. I did however make a detour to Alison's home with her to visit her family, and it was just as good as climbing. There is, after all, more to life than the hobbies. :)
With that, I'll consider you generally updated as to my goings-on, and I'll post more sooner than I did this past couple weeks.