Thursday, September 22, 2005

Airport Sittin'

Well I'm currently sitting at the airport doing nothing, waiting for a late flight, so I thought I better shoot an update to the ol' blog. Last weekend was quality, as you can see from my picture. I spent some valued time in the woods with my lady and three other friends. There was much hiking and paddling, and I even got cussed out by a beaver (paddled too close). I was stunned to see how much beavers look like a creepy wet version of my cat Mullet. The leaves are changing in Headwaters country right now, and let me tell you, it's beautiful. I'm going back tommorow night to sleep in my van, then get up Saturday morning and hammer a hundred miles on my Lemond after not training. It'll be wonderful. Who needs to be in shape when you have great scenery and fresh air to keep you going (and tons of food provided by the ride officials). I'll have to try and take some pictures, but I don't know if I can lug Al's digital camera with, as it's a bit huge, and both my cameras are in craptastic shape, working about half the time. I'll see what I can do. Anyhow, I have a lot of nothing to do for a couple hours, so I'm going to get going on that. There really should be some free coffee out here.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Whoa! Big month!

Hey all. I've been terrible at blogging this month, cuz there's been sooooo much going on. First off, everyone reading this probably already knows that I asked Alison to marry me, and it's happening this February!!!! Yeah, so my mind hasn't really been sitting in front of my computer blogging. Sorry. Also, we've both been working hard at the flight instructing scene, and that's always frazzeling. It's been crazy. I've got 6 students there, and I'm working for the bus company too. There hasn't been a lot of road biking in towards the end of the season like there should be, but what can ya do? But, in road bike news, Al bought a sweet Specialized Dolce for herself and has joined the road scene, so that' s exciting. I don't know how much riding the ND weather has left for us, but we'll see. I'm heading down to the Itasca region in a couple weekends for the Headwaters 100. I haven't gotten in a century yet this year, so I need to go stop slacking. Time to push it and stop becoming a soft-bellied old man. (No offense to any soft-bellied old men reading this.) Anyhow, back to the busy rush of work.