Thursday, August 11, 2005

Back in town..for a bit..

Back in ND. 57 degress this morning. Ahh. No more TX heat. However, the trip was great, and watching Adam and Jamie get married was worth all the hot temps. I thought I'd make it through the cerimony without tearing up, but I leaked a bit when Jamie came through the doors for the first time and Adam and my dad teared themselves. It's always when other people lose it that I do. Oh well, right venue for crying, and it shows I'm not a robot.
Now that I've sat in a vehicle for two days straight again on the return trip home, I'm going to drive to the cities this weekend for Alisons birthday and graduation party. It will be well worth the extra travel though. And speaking of her, she just got her first flying job! She'll be working with me at UND, teaching all the youngin's to land. (Not that we weren't in the same boat a few short years ago.) Should be fun.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Meat and Air Conditioneers

Yeah, it's hot here. I'm in Denton at my brother's apartment now. We just managed to fix his air conditioner in his car so Texas doesn't kill him before he even gets to his wedding on Saturday. It was a good time. Dudes workin' on machines, grunting, drinkin' stout beer, well actually ice tea, but all the same. Fun project though. We'll be running last minute wedding errands around Dallas tommorow, and then traveling a bit more the next day to Gilmer, TX which is where Jamie, my bro's finance is from, and consequently where the wedding is goin' down. I'm exicted to see Adam and Jamie get hitched, and also for the tasty food at the reception, since I think of event food with much anticipation. :) We ate some mighty tasty Texas pork ribs today at a BBQ joint, which included hot sauce, country music, and a huge EAT MEAT sign on the wall. Cool. They even had a poster of a cow, diagraming where all the different cuts of beef come from. Now I know where brisket is from, and why round steak is so inexpensive (it's ass meat). Well, that's all for now, I need to hang with my family that I don't see enough. Good times.

Monday, August 01, 2005

OK City

Trip's a go. I'm sitting here in Oklahoma City. Wireless internet has been added to a great number of hotels, so I can blog away from home. We've traveled very very far, and yet the scenery has not. I think I've almost driven the entire expanse of the midwest, and it's all corn. Corn corn corn (and the occasional wheat or sorgum, whatever sorgum is. I'd probably eat it though). Bicyling magazine has kept me going during my turns away from the wheel. I haven't gotten out on two wheels during the trip yet, but still plan to. I think it'll have to be in the morning, cuz it's flippin' hot here. I saw the van's thermometer hit 104 a couple times. Sick. Won't be moving here, let me tell you. Anyhow, I'm gonna catch some rest before the final drive to the Dallas area in the morning, that is if I can get to sleep after the all day jelly bean bender I've been on in the van. Aahh.