Monday, January 28, 2008

I bought nordic skis. Now it’s raining. I will have them for the next snow….

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Our St Paul Apartment (part 1)

Some pictures of our new place. Not yet included are the pictures of the bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen, as I have not cleaned them to picture sharing levels at this time. You'll have to wait to see those rooms. :)

Living room:

Mullet lives with us again!

And he's already taken to biting my arm...

Yes, you all know of my riding problem...

The dining room area looking into the living room...

Another view of the dining room...

Cold months

Work work work. That’s been the theme lately. It’s going to be time for some sort of adventure outside soon. It may have to happen in a non-MN location; our high on Saturday is supposed to be -5 F. Although this Saturday is off anyway, as Alison and I will be moving her brother and his wife into their new home in New Brighton, MN. It’s gonna be chilly.

I will get to experience better temperatures for about 40 minutes tomorrow. I’ll be doing some jumpseat observations in the two jets I teach ground school classes for, and I’ll be traveling to Dallas tomorrow evening. Sorry Adam and Jamie, I’ll probably only be off the plane for a few minutes before returning to Minneapolis. I need to visit some other time when I’ll have more than minutes.

The days are getting longer! I guess. Can’t really tell yet, but the days are officially lengthening this time of year, and that means it’s only four months until road cycling! I guess that’s still awhile. I better keep my mind on snowshoeing and nordic skiing for now.

I still owe all of you pictures of the new apartment. I’m writing myself a note right now to remember to post a few. You should see them soon. Until then….

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody! My blog has been quite dead for the past couple months, although much has happened. The reason I've been unavailable is that we moved! Our new apartment has no internet connection right now (and may stay that way). Plus, my computer has been at Dell as it was sick. We now live on Grand Ave in St Paul, MN, and it is decidedly better than the suburbs. There is actually character, culture, and a wonderful lack of most things generic. I'll have to post pictures of the place when I get a chance. It's a one bedroom, all wood floor, old classic St. Paul apartment, and it's suiting us well while we live in MN. Mullet has returned to us, and that's good. :)
The month has been filled with working (including getting part of my CRJ-200 (regional jet) check out completed), playing (trips to SLC to ski Snowbird, xc skiing and snowshoeing in MN, yoga, indoor cycling- not as exciting), moving- ouch, but good, Christmas, and planning future adventures. I'll have to see what pictures of all those things pop up as I unload the digital camera now that the computer is back.
For now my return to the blog will have to be this short, as I've got to finish weekend duties before another big week of work. Gotta feed the bank accounts. Don't want to work forever. Until later....
Oh yeah, the last blog entry worked. Mother Nature has given MN the snowiest Dec. in quite a few years. It's currently melting though after temperatures have been in the forties for a couple days. Don't leave us yet!