Monday, March 31, 2008

OR again...

We traveled out to OR to visit our buddy Mark again this past weekend. Flight benefits are good. We spent Saturday hiking Multnohma Falls, trying to see Mt. Saint Helens (to get us jazzed up for a planned climb of said mountain this summer), and eating oysters and other various delicious snotty looking sea creatures. All good. It was however very cloudy, rainy, and in some places snowy. That's why I said we tried to see MSH. Too obscured that day. Volcanoes tend to get shy in the weather and don't show their faces. Anyhow, another good trip free of air travel charges. Nice.

Mulnohma Falls (the bottom part)

Alison and I at the top of the main falls...(you can't see the edge in this shot)

Al is small enough to be seen in this cave...

Due to my ridiculous height, I am not. :)

Mountains were a bit cloud-obscured...

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Man, a month goes so fast and then I realize I haven't blogged again. My apologies. It's mostly because working one's butt off in busy airline flight training department doesn't leave much time or energy at the end of the day. My blog tends to revolve around my outdoor adventures, which because of all the working have not been tending to happen as much in the past month. Thus, not much to write about. However, I do need to catch everyone up on the latest bike in the family. I replaced my too short Trek touring frame (I know, I was so excited to get it a year and a half ago, but after many miles it did not prove to be long enough for my freakish Scandinavian arms), with a Surly Long Haul Trucker. Good stuff. Glad to own/ride a Surly again. I totally miss my old 1x1, and wish I'd never sold it, but what's done is done. It's coasting through the streets of NY now under the direction of someone who got a freakin' sweet deal. Anyhow, back to the happy news. The LHT will no doubt be the subject of future blog entries, as I plan on taking it on more than a few bike camping trips this summer. I had the chance to throw down 50 miles on it last weekend to test it out, and it sure is comfy. Slow, but comfy. Like a touring bike is, by definition. I'll have to write more on the new steed soon, but as for now, I wanted to give a quick update before turning in for the night. Happy Easter!