Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More slacklining...

I thought I'd post some more slackline pix as well as long I'm in the blogging mood. I really need to get some pictures of me actually on a line, but I'm always by myself when I'm out. So for now you'll have to pretend to enjoy pictures of the slackline itself. This was quite a long line I set up in Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park down the road from where we are staying. It was somewhat secluded, with a lightly traveled bike path running nearby. The riders all stopped to wonder what on earth I was doing balancing on my little strip of nylon. Having fun is what.
It took a 9 to 1 tensioning system to get the line tight enough considering it's length. The mess of carabiners, knots and cord that you see at the left of the line is the tensioning system to pull the mainline that is walked tight (although it is always somewhat slack compared to a tightrope, hence the name slackline.)

This picture sure shows a bit of my nature, the slackline itself is one venture, the touring bike another entirely, and the wood grip on the tensioning system is a bit of an old walking stick picked up while backpacking in the Northwoods. Many methods of outdoor escape.


The past month has been confusing, to say the least, and I have not been entirely in the mood to blog. Thus the long gap since my last post. The short of the long is that my airline job did not work out for me. I left by choice, but I don't know that I'm going to post all of the reasons on this blog. Most of you linked to my site have no doubt talked to me directly anyhow, so there's probably no big news for you to read. Anyhow, life must go on , and it will. It appears I'll be returning to my old job for now, and will be returning to my usually outdoor distractions as well. I have already been back to the Superior Hiking Trail since returning from Missouri, and it was very theropuetic to walk deep into the woods away from the normal concerns I face. Ty and Chris backpacked with me, and we enjoyed the section of the trail that passes from Gooseberry Falls State Park through the Split Rock River Loop. My left knee gave me quite a bit of pain towards the end of the trip, which is a problem that's been developing over the past year when I hike. Even though I cycle at least 1,300 miles a summer, and ride the indoor trainer in the cold months, it is very different on the knees that hiking over uneven terrain supporting a backpack full of gear. Backpacking is very high impact on joints where riding is not, so I suppose I better start day hiking somewhat regularly to build up my knees for the times when I do get out on the bigger loaded walks.

Doing some household chores at camp: drying off some wet stinky tent after a night of rain...if I look leaner than normal, I am. I've lost 27 lbs since moving to MN in Jan. by way of cycling and stress. Time to start climbing again now that I've regained a better strength to weight ratio.

Ty doing some other camp chores: filtering our drinking water out of the Split Rock River. Yum. It tastes better than any city water I've come across. It's just water, and not full of chlorine. Yum.