Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Take a lesson from a little dude named Mullet

So I've recently decided that all of us should take a lesson in relaxation from my cat. Yup, my cat. I've determined that he can relax like no one else (granted he doesn't have much going on upstairs). No matter what is going on, Mullet (yes, somehow my former college roommates and I decided on this name, and believe me, it fits this cat) is always quick to chill. As we speak he's upside down on the floor behind me, no doubt dreaming of a buffet where one does not need opposable thumbs to be served. There can be all kinds of craziness going on around this cat- being attacked by Furious George, the house's other feline, or Edward, (roommate, and another form of animal), but Mullet will quickly return to relaxing after the hustle is over. No grudges, no worries. He's got his mind made up to live life happy. He finds a good time in simple things (playing fetch with pop bottle caps and wearing grocery bags.) He's not upset that he's confined to live in somebody's home his whole life. He's not even upset that someone cut off his manhood (well, I guess he's probably just gotten over it.) He loves to follow you around the house, jump in your lap and snif your chin. In contrast, Furious George, mentioned before, has got the opposite take on life. He's always looking out the window, angry, and demanding what he doesn't have. He wants people to give him what he wants, and then leave him alone. We've all got a lot going on to make us crazy or want different situations, but I think Mullet's got some answers for us. Love the simple things in life. Don't spend all your time wishing you could "get out the window", never being happy with what you have. Enjoy being with the people in your life. Take a nap when you need it. And if you really want to, wear a bag on your head, (but I think that might just be a Mullet thing.)

Mullet recently crawled into this grocery bag on his own, slung it around his neck, and proudly went on his own sort of little backpacking trip around the house. (He does this every so often.) Posted by Hello

After his little jaunt with the bag, he decided to plop down with all feet pointed up for some relaxation, although apparently no one brought him the beer he ordered. Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Angry dogs a' runnin'

So much wind and a lack of work has caused me to start running on a regular basis. I have free time to ride, but I just haven't been able to get motivated to ride into the invisible force of energy that punches you of your bike known as Red River Valley WIND. Ouch. I think running is equally as painful, but it ends sooner. It's been going ok, despite some lessons I should have been able to skip if I would think ahead. One example is that I've learned in my last few times with the running shoes on that one should not attempt to go fast equipped with three hot dogs topped with Cholula pepper sauce in one's stomach. My attempt on my road bike to ride a century off two McDonalds cheeseburgers (yes, I used to subject my body to such filthy non-food) should have taught me better. Anyway, hopefully there will be a break in the wind at the same time I have a break in my dwindled down schedule, and I can experience the goodness of my Lemond again.

Friday, April 15, 2005

one little stamp...

I almost made a mistake tonight. I have a check to send to the university, and I need a stamp. I thought, I'll just ride over to the P.O. and take care of business. Then I realized, today is none other than April 15th. Poor suckers. I'm staying home, content in having recieved my tax refund months ago. My stamp can wait till tommorow.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Pretty clear to me....

I was reading in my bible this morning, and I went through the first three chapters of the book of Galations. It seems so obvious by reading this and many other sections of the New Testament that faith, not human effort, is how one reaches God. It's so strange to me to see so many people in the world doing all sorts of things by their own means to try to "get to heaven". And I'm talking about people who claim the Bible as their holy book as well, not just other religions. I wonder if they've read it lately, because it seems so clear to me by reading it that faith in Jesus Christ is our connection with God, and not rituals, good works, laws, or other forms of human effort. I guess it shouldn't be that big of a shock though to see people missing this, considering that the Bible calls the Gospel the "narrow path", and few follow it. It's just frustrating how we as people turn so quickly from God's plan to others we've made up ourselves. Take some time to read the Bible; the truth is mapped out very clearly.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Little bit o' history

For any of you who are interested in climbing, I've run into a couple books lately that have caught my interest that I thought I'd reccomend. "Climbing Free", by Lynn Hill, who was the first person to free the nose of El Capitan, and "American Rock", by Don Mellor are some great reads. You get a full perspective of climbing throughout it's development, and the cultures, methods, and gear that have gone along with the sport. I never realized how different rock climbing has been over the years. And I don't just mean the actual act of climbing rock, but the whole atttitude and focus of what the sport is from region to region. Any climber out there would get a lot out of knowing the history of the sport, and the ethics that go along with it. Plus, it will make you happy to know that the best climbers of old considered 5.9's and 5.10's to be very difficult, so you're not weak, climbing's just gotten insane. :) Gym's and bolts have uped the ante. Anyway, that's my personal rant about rock for today. For those of you not at all interested, I apologize, for those of you that are, sweet.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Sharing is good

The rest of the world decided to share some good weather with Grand Forks somewhat consistently the past week. I've heard rumors of seventies coming to town this weekend. Going outside without grimacing is a priveledge not to be taken for granted. Summer is good, and I will be playing.