Friday, December 14, 2012


Last winter was disappointing in respect to snowfall.  Nobody minds if we miss out on the -20 temps, but we like to have some snow if it's going to be cold at all.  Especially since fatbikes are so on the rise here.  I bought my Mukluk 2 last year, and didn't get to ride much on snow.  I still had a great time however, and I've been looking forward to this winter ever since.  
Last Sunday brought us our first big snowfall in the Twin Cities.  Some surrounding areas apparently got a foot and a half.  We didn't see that much, but got our fair share.  We went from brown to thoroughly white and fluffy.  I was finishing a trip for work in the morning, and thankfully we were able to land in the heavy snow and low visibility, since I wanted to be done with work and ride my Mukluk!  :)  Jonathan was up for it too, so we met at the MN river bottoms like usual and took off.  
In many places it was quite ridable with a little grunt work, and in some places it was as much fresh powder as even a fatbike will plow through.  (I've heard that with higher temps and many people out riding/snowshoeing the bottoms have become pretty nice to ride since, but haven't been back down yet.)   Packed snow and fresh powder are two different animals.  
We had a great time seeing what the Mukluks/ourselves could take, and simply being out in nature when it's dumping snow.  We like our four different seasons.  Hopefully this winter will bring lots of snow like Sunday did.  Have fun out there!

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